Willie Watson

Larrivée Guitars presents

The OM-01 "Willie Watson" SIGNATURE MODEL

The Willie Watson OM-01 Signature model is now available! Following the success of the Willie Watson OM-01 Reissue Limited Editions, Larrivée is now releasing a limited number of WW Signature models. 18 right handed and 2 left handed are available. These OM-01's are found exclusively through WillieWatson.com for $1199. This includes shipping anywhere inside continental USA. The WW OM-01's are built in America using only the finest all-solid tone wood from Africa, Canada, and the USA. Craftsmanship that "Rings like silver and shines like gold". 

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Willie Watson Folksinger Vol. 2

Acony Records proudly presents Folksinger Vol. 2, the highly anticipated second solo album from folk artist Willie Watson. Produced by David Rawlings and recorded on analog tape at Woodland Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, the album features eleven songs unearthed from the canon of American folk music and brought to light by Willie’s remarkable voice and wise beyond his years performances. Special guest appearances by the Fairfield Four, Gillian Welch, Morgan Jahnig and Paul Kowert round out the arrangements on this stunning sophomore collection.